Coworker in Activepeople

As coworker in Activepeople you will experience that you are working in a professional organisation. Our vision is: we create energy. And we work every day so you as our coworker, and our customers, will experience that we succeed with our vision. We follow up our coworkers closely so that we can help you experience mastery and development, and thus do a good job for our client. If you have any questions for us or want a talk, simply contact your contact person in Activepeople.

Employee manual

Timesheet registration
We have implement an electronic timesheet. You will find it on the Norwegian site Press the green button Timeregistrering.
You can also submit your timesheet by filling out the form below and send it to
Timesheet registration (excel) 

Other useful papers:
Deviation form (PDF) 

PS: If you have problems with downloading the files, try to right-click and choose "Save as".