The best way to predict your future
is to create it

Peter F. Drucker

Management Consulting

Activepeople has a strong, energetic and knowledgeable team of consultants. We have experience from consulting processes in big and small, national and international organizations. We develop, design and deliver tailored programs.

Our goal, when we assist companies in their organizational work, is to enable the company to reach the goals, ambitions and visions they have set with or without us. We believe that in order to succeed you need to start with the individual, proceed in teams and then implement the process throughout the whole organization.
We are proud to present very successful results from our previous missions. Our programs are all well-documented in academic theory and recognized methods. We always use our clients’ standpoint and strategy to ensure good results. We are certified users of ability tests, personality tests, 360 degrees tests and other work related tools for measurement.
With more than 17 years in the market has Activepeople gathered knowledge and experience from missions in Norway and all around the world. We believe Activepeople offers the best product because you get a private and personal follow-up were we tailor a program and strategy for your company. We can guarantee that our award winning team of consultants can assist your company to be more profitable.
Our business is exciting, demanding and fun. We bring skills, experience and a great portion of energy into our projects. By this we create success.

At the moment we are working with the following

  • Strategy 
  • Standpoint analysis
  • Leadership development, evaluation and practice
  • Workshops on vision and values
  • Courses
  • Personal follow-up

Read some of the recommendations from our customers:
Without Activepeople´s expertize would we not have been able to complete this process within the timeframe that was given. 

Høye Høyesen
General Manager, MacGregor Norway
The analysis was executed highly professional in each step, with digital surveys, personal interviews and presentations of results both for the management division and all other employees.

John Helge Austgulen
Supply Chain and Plant Director, Voss of Norway

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