Strategy, culture and leadership - “How to empower your employees to reach further”

Strategy is about where to go, culture who we are and what to expect from us, and leadership is about putting all of this together.

Leadership is practical and its about training . 

But you need to know what to train for.

The question is not how can I be a good leader?

The main question should be: 

What do I need to do to make my team deliver even better?

In an organisation today you will probably have between three and up to five generations of employees all with different demands and needs. But no matter generation research shows that we have something in common. We are in need of leaders to guide us, to give feedback - somebody who show they believe in us and enable us to grow.

You need leaders with the right mindset.

Managers with a growth mindset give a great deal more developmental coaching, they notice improvement in employees performance and they welcome criticise from their employees. To create a culture of  growth and teamwork you will need to live up to the values.

A lot of organisations tend to put culture into the silo of HR, communication and other working with soft skills. Values will not work as guidelines on how to interact with colleagues if leaders aren’t following them. The people at the top have to demonstrate the change they want to see. Leaders in all parts of the company are critical in championing desired behaviours, energising personal feelings, and reinforcing cultural alignment.

Organisation trying to be high performing should have a system where leaders no matter top management or middle management level participate in a leadership program designed based on the values and strategy of the company.

To sum up;

Define a strategy where a strong vision and values are a part of it. Train all your leaders in how to inspire their team to deliver on these ambitions in the decided strategy by living the values. Follow up and measure. 

It is not complicated.

Activepeople can assist you in the work how to design an effective program  - and we promise you “your leaders will empower their employees to reach even further” after being a part of the leadership training.

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