Prepare for Growth and transformation

Prepare for Growth and transformation

Successful companies can be described as those who have:

A strong market position 

A high grade of profitability 

Attractive long term growth potential 

Great leadership

Mapping - Prepare for Growth and transformation.

Why should you order this? 

If you want to win business in a challenging market you need enable your leaders to be spot on as quick as possible. 

By using this method, you:

1. Collect valuable information from the key players in the organization.

2. Save time by preparing both the current organization and the leader for what to be

3. Spend time during the summer– saves a lot of time, effort and it’s easier to get the job done early autumn

About the method

Activepeople developed this method after working closely with rather huge organization within different industries like Finance, Marine and Process industry where we identified leaders spent too much time collecting information to be able to execute and be “hands on” organization and business.

Activepeople have a proven record of measure, prepare and enable leaders to be able to deliver good results based on our “Prepare for growth and transformation” mapping

This is an efficient method that will require very little time from your organization. 


Who is it for;

This method is meant for leaders of Divisions, Members of Top Management Team and possible Head of Business line. We do not recommend to do this on a lower level


Why do this mapping during the summer?

By using our method, leaders will be prepared and ready to identify needed actions to strengthen their position within their business. By mapping organizations, analyzing and combining with knowledge from the industry we provide our customers with a:

1.Status report – this is how the organizations see the strengths and challenges within areas as organizational design, customer focus, leadership, culture and motivation.


2. Suggest actions –by combining our knowledge about the industry and market with the results from the analyzes we provide our customers with a suggested plan of action to be able to win both short term and long term goals.


We do follow up with the leader to enable her/him to be ready to get the job done!

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