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In Activepeople are we searching for candidates who are skilled and will make a positive change in your organization.

We are professional recruiters who are willing to choose untraditionally and challenge established mindsets.
We take responsibility for the whole recruitment process, from preparing the job description to rank the candidates. We perform both open and closed recruitment processes, and we find candidates both by advertising the positions and through search in our sophisticated database. More than 17 years in the business has given us a substantial network that enables us to find the right candidates that our competitors might miss. We are always updated on the most modern technology and tools that can help us in our business.
Everything is about finding the right person to do the right job. Many of our earlier candidates do now have top management positions, something that illustrates that Activepeople is doing a great job finding the right candidate. Our goal is satisfied clients and candidates. We believe that one of the main reasons why Activepeople has evolved is because we have managed to deliver top products and services for a reasonable price and customers are generally talking warm about us.
Janne, in Activepeople, is really dedicated to her work always ensuring to meet her customer's request and at the same time coaching her candidates in a brilliant manner.
Lars Erik Lunøe
Managing Director, Maritime Protection AS

Activepeople has been a fantastic conversation and evaluation partner in finding the right solutions for different recrutement matters.

Amir Gholamshahi
Commercial Director, Water Mist Engineering AS

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