Our temporary employment staff

Janne Krohn Grimsmo


Email: jkg@activepeople.no

Phone: 918 94 302

Janne has a master in management and she has several years of leader- experience as HR-Manager in National Oilwell Varco. Her specializations are management consulting, project management, handling of disputes and conflict and other HR related work. She has the great ability to present the mix of theories and practical examples. Janne is also a person who always spreads positive energy and happiness.

I have had the pleasure of working with Janne for more than a year now, our company has both hired and recruited staff through Activepeople in Kristiansand. Janne is really dedicated to her work always ensuring to meet her customer's request and at the same time coaching her candidates in a brilliant manner. Her open mind, her enthusiasm and her always good mood should be an example for us all! 
Lars Erik Lunøe, Managing Director at Maritime Protection AS

Beathe Berthelsen


Email: bb@activepeople.no

Phone: 918 94 314

Beathe has worked with us in Activepeople since 2008. She has a long and broad experience in tailoring temporary employment options to clients, mostly based in the southern region of Norway. She is known for having a lot of positive energy and she has great ability to understand others. Beathe has built a great network over the last years and she has a special talent to find the best-suited candidates. Beathe do always have a close follow up relationship, both to client and candidate.

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank Grimstad have for several years used Activepeople with Beathe Berthelsen in the front. Our impression of Beathe is that she is highly professional and always delivers on time. She understands well what kind of people we need, and over the past years has she always been offering us the right candidates. Beathe is always reachable and she has a great system in following up both the client and the candidate. 
Ann Helen Moum, Banksjef – SpareBank 1 SR - Bank

Heidrun Sangvik


Email: hs@activepeople.no

Phone: 918 94 312

Heidrun is our HR and administrative coordinator. She is in charge to keep order in the daily life here in Activepeople. She administers practical tasks around temporary employment and payments. Heidrun works closely with all employees in Activepeople. She also has a central position in Activepeople´s marketing and she controls our operating system. Heidrun does always have everything under control and her calmness spreads out to her colleagues.